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Prx Help how to use Empty Prx Help how to use

Post  javier2770 on Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:00 pm

Ok iam about to teach you all about prx's ok a prx is basically an add on to your hacks that are always on like antiboot.prx,antiban.prx,infiniteammo.prx some prx's need an activation code (One lined)the way you put a prx on your psp is by

#1: Download it
#2: Drag the file to your seplugins folder
#3: look in the downloaded file for the ms0 text EX: ms0:/seplugins/smokins.prx
#4: Get ms0:/seplugins/smokins.prx and put it in your Game.txt folder that is in your seplugins folder if not make one
#5: Exit go to recovery menu on your psp and activate it on the plugins.
Any questions?
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